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    Just watching from the sidelines, cuz I don't know how to make this happen in Linux.
    However... I used to be an upper-level support agent for Apple. There are a bunch of folks that want their iPhone or iPad to work in precisely the way that someguydude is describing.
    I see nothing malicious in his inquiry.
    If leeching off of a totally unsecured network is wrong, then I am guilty! But then I head off on my way... no hacking involved. Or more properly... no cracking involved.

    Also, after 'hacking' unsecured networks around my house, I tend to leave them more secure than when I found them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayd512 View Post
    There are a bunch of folks that want their iPhone or iPad to work in precisely the way that someguydude is describing.
    I see nothing malicious in his inquiry.
    Ah! But I seriously doubt that John The Ripper would run on an iPhone without skills that are far and away above and beyond the capabilty of the average cheapskate trying to unethically circumvent a data overage charge.

    And that is just one of many, many, many tools built in to BackTrack.

    Unless the OP is going to edit cong files from the command line every morning over breakfast then the changes will have to be slipstreamed in to the live CD. Unless you start leaving config files on the HD; which pretty much defeats the purpose of running BackTrack from live CD. If you're going to do that you might as well install it.

    While you're slipstreaming why not give it some real umph!

    Once you start slipstreaming stuff in I can think of a lot of tools that could be combined with what's already in BactkTrack to cook up a really nasty, zero skill, "automated hacker" (think Metasploit on steroids).

    And if this all on the up and up then why specify a live CD, which leaves no traces on the system from which it was run and implies a high level of sophistication or a lot of time to waste every morning.
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    My original question went to the any keyword.
    Does anyone know whether it works or not?

    If your configured to use ESSID any what else would you have to do to get an AP association?
    Why everytime I try to get a simple question answered it blows up into a huge flame on every other topic but what I asked for?

    I have my little test AP setup w/o encryption and when I set:
    iwconfig wlan0 essid any channel x

    it does not associate.

    but when I:

    iwconfig wlan0 essid myESSID channel x

    it does.

    The man pages say it should work.
    What gives?


  4. $spacer_open
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    You make a good point in that there is no way my wifi could distinguish between panera breads free wifi and Harry Home owner's open or mis-configured wifi.
    technically I would need permision or I might be naughty in the eyes of the law.
    Depends on the state your in here in the USA.

    I guess I will have to compile a list of all wifi's I want to connect to on my routes and fat finger them in.
    What a pain in the arse.
    There has to be a wifi manager not requiring a desktop or xwindow that I could use.
    Any ideas?

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