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    Firmware missing in MINT

    Hi ,

    I have HP Campaq nx6110 notebook and now i installed mint on it but when i want to use Wireless it says firmware missing ! It seems Wireless Driver doesn't install !

    How do i install Wireless Driver in linux mint ?!


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    First let's see what wireless device your computer uses. In terminal enter

    sudo lspci

    and post the result.

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    it's probably a Broadcom adapter

    specs: www dot

    here's the driver you need: www dot

    ask if you need help installing it

    (sorry, this forum won't ;et me post URLs yet)

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    As richnfamous says, your computer is most likely using a broadcom chip for the wireless (we've all had to suffer them at some point or another...). Assuming that you have a newish version of Mint installed, all you need to do is install the package called 'firmware-b43-installer' and it should solve your problem. Now, obviously, you need an internet connection to do that, so if you don't have an ethernet cable to connect your notebook to the router (easiest way) you will have to use a different computer/OS with a working wireless to download it.
    If you use your computer connected via ethernet you can find the package with either the Synaptic Package Manager, the Software Manager, or simply open a terminal and copy/paste the following code (type your password when prompted):
    sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer
    If you have to use a different computer/OS to download it, copy and paste the following http address in your web browser (I cannot post active links in this forum yet)
    Save the file in a pen drive, boot back into your Mint machine and double click on the file you just downloaded to open the GDebi Package Installer (it should be the default application for .deb packages). Follow the instructions and you should be good to go. If it doesn't work straight away, reboot your machine.
    Good luck!!
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