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    creating ad-hoc in 5ghz range


    I am exprerimentin with two intel n 5300 cards. I want to create ad-hoc network in 5Ghz band, but when i cannot. I have tried, network-manager, iwconfig and iw commands but in vain. Card is using intel iwlwifi drivers.

    1) Network-manager is never able to connect to 5GHz band
    2) iwconfig does put card to ad-hoc mode, but does not associate with any cell number.
    3) iw join ibss is able to put card in adhoc mode and also associate cell number, but running same set of commands on two laptops put them in different cell number hence i am not able to ping from one to another.

    Have anybody created ad-hoc mode in 5ghz range successfully.
    if so how? or any pointers how i can narrow down this issue?

    after this i intend to put card in 802.11n mode, but that also does not seem to be working.

    Thanks in advance.

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    5GHz is used both by 802.11a and 802.11n. I have been able to use 802.11a with Linux in the past (not for a long time), but I never tried an ad-hoc network topology. Sorry, this is less than no help...

    Just to be clear, what distribution+version+kernel are you using? Also, can you connect at 5GHz to an access point (not in ad-hoc mode)? If not, have you visited Welcome - Linux Wireless for better drivers/information?
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    Nice way to make it clear how to make 5ghz ad hoc. I will try this.

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