Guys Greetings to all

i today by the Grace of LORD sucessfully installed Tripple Boot, first tripple boot by me i am happy cause i did it with linux though m just a desktop user specially win7. so in tripple boot friends are win7+0pensuse12.2+ fedora 17. i wish i could have installed linuxmint cinnamon14 but HDD is small.

But now first thing is that :
1).my wireless not working in both when i instaled live CD fedora16 wireless worked but in fedora 17 not working. but open suse is my first install 12.2.Pls help.

2).i am surprised how come earlier version letting me use wireless and newer version cant use same driver or this time ver 17 fedora has something else i used same laptop then why its the difference .
pls help me install wireless drivers i last time installed brodcom and also in win7 its ok.

Thanks guys.