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    Download speed of router .

    Setup -> 1) Wireless Product with Access Point in managed mode say Product Name is Alpha. Alpha has an FTP Server installed in it.

    2) Router with Access Point in Master Mode. 3) Net-book with windows 7 installed.

    Product IPAddress Net-book Router wi-fi adapter Alpha (wireless Product)waln0

    Router is connected to net-book via Ethernet cable. The LAN port of Router is connected to Net-book . There is no other connection of Internet or any other wired connection.

    My Task is to download the files from alpha to Router and measure download speed of router.

    Alpha product is successfully connected to Router and I can ping router from Alpha. At this point I tried to ssh into router from netbook with port 22 but it refused to make connection. How will I make ssh connection? 2) I can ping from my net-book to Alpha. I failed to understand how this work even though I have not connected net-book to router nor to alpha. 3) My main issue is to measure the download speed of router . At this point I can telnet into router but I donít know username so I failed to login but when I tried to do ftp from net-book to Alpha it works . My question is downloading the files on net-book is same as downloading on router . I am more interested in download speed of router does not care about file downloaded or its contents. Could someone please throw light on it? Thanks ....

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    You say the LAN port of the router is connected to the Netbook? Do you mean the WAN port (internet connection)? Or do you mean one of the LAN switch ports (most routers have 4-8 of those + one ethernet port to connect with broadband modem, which would be the WAN port).

    Going on...

    You say that the netbook can ping the Alpha system. This indicates that the router is doing what it needs to as far as moving packets from system 1 (netbook) to system 2 (alpha) and vice versa. Are you sure the router has an ssh daemon to accept ssh connections? Most routers have a web server front-end that you use to configure them. The router may be running a proprietary operating system and not be supporting ssh connections at all.

    So, since the netbook can ping alpha, have you tried doing other things, such as logging into the ftp server on alpha from netbook?
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