On an embedded system running runs Linux 2.6.37,
QCOM LR802UKN2 USB wireless adapter is installed.
Wireless support is provided by latest Ralink rt5370sta.ko driver rel, according to the driver configuration rt2870sta.dat file

It is possible to connect the system in an adhoc WEP network, however when connection is lost, it is not possible to restore the system connection.

The problem arises when the other network node issues disconnection/reconnection, or when the system exits/returns radio coverage.

I tried WEP adhoc connection of the system with a WIN 7 STA

Here I repeat the relevant settings on my rt2870sta.dat file


The problem arises when the WIN 7 STA decides to disconnect from Linux STA.

When WIN 7 STA disconnects from Linux STA, all is O.K.:
reciprocal pings cease,
iwpriv ra0 connStatus returns “disconnected”.

When WIN 7 STA reconnects to Linux STA (of course with the very same password),apparently all is O.K :
WIN 7 wireless user interface disappears
iwpriv ra0 connStatus still returns “connected”,
but reciprocal pinging is not resumed.
but after a substantial amount of time (20 s),
WIN 7 STA user interface appears again,
indicating a possible error in security key matching….

After such substantial amount of time,
iwpriv ra0 connStatus changes from “Connected” to “Disconnected”.
and obviously reciprocal pinging is NOT resumed.

Please note that this not a WIN 7 STA error, because:

1)Restarting Linux STA (ifconfig ra0 down, then ifconfig ra0 up) solves the problem.
2) Restarting (disable, then enable) WIN 7 STA does not solve the problem.
3)The problem never occurs if testing is performed with two WIN 7 STA identically configured as in our WIN 7/ Linux testing

Any insight on the problem is welcome.
For instance, do some Linux distributions actually provide reliable WEP support for USB stick embedding QCOM LR802UKN2 ?

Thank you for your attention.