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    No wireless extensions with ath9k

    Im running kernel 3.11.6 with an atheros 9285. Im using the ath9k driver. I know it partially works because i can do ifconfig wlp8s0 up and the led will turn on. But doing any iwlist or iwconfig tells me it has no wireless extensions or doesnt support scanning. Cfg80211 wireless extension compatibility is included in my kernel also. What can i do to fix this?

    Im running gentoo by the way.

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    The wireless led is a hardware function, that doesn't mean the kernel can access it.

    Try downloading the installing the proper firmware for the ath9k found at

    HTML Code:

    This is what it says about the ath9k:
    Enabling ath9k

    To enable ath9k, you must first enable mac80211 through make menuconfig when compiling your kernel. If you do not know what this means then please learn to compile kernels or rely on your Linux distribution's kernel. Below are the options you need to enable ath9k through make menuconfig.

    Your version shows up here:

    AR9220 2x2 DB 11n PCI
    AR9223 2x2 SB 11n PCI
    AR9227 2x2 SB 11n PCI
    AR9280 2x2 DB 11n PCIe
    AR9281 2x2 SB 11n PCIe
    AR9285 1x1 SB 11n PCIe
    AR9287 2x2 SB 11n PCIe

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