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    Linux and WiFi, Installation Problems

    Hi Guys

    Again I like to try Linux. Again I installed it on a Laptop. And again I have a WiFi Problem.

    This time I used a ISO File burned on CD from Open Suse, Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

    Open Suse is not running from CD. My WiFi Card get recognized (right reconnised) at the installation but I get the error my card is deactivated and the installation stops.

    Linux Mint is running from CD for a Test. But running from CD or installed it shows the same problem. My WiFi Card get (right) recognized and the installation stops because my card is deactivated.

    NOW (!!!) Ubuntu !!!

    Ubuntu runs from CD for a Test. Ubuntu recognized my internal BroadComm WiFi Card right, tells my the card is deactivated BUT is still installing finished AND installed the WiFi Card Driver.

    After the WiFi Card Driver is installed (first then) I have the chance to push the Button with the Antenna Symbol on my Laptop and DIRECT the WiFi works and I can start the Internet and everything works.

    BUT, and that is what I can't understand, then I Installed this Ubuntu, the same, from the same CD where I have done the Test, and I have the same problem as with Mint or Suse. The WiFi Card get recognized correct, but I get the error my card is deactivated ........

    What's the problem?

    My WiFi Card is working with Ubuntu from CD but not with a installed Ubuntu?

    I can't activated the WiFi Card before the Driver is installed but It looks like (I'm not shure) I have to activated the card before installation?

    And what is the reason the stupid card works when I use Ubuntu from CD?

    Ok, Who can tell me something that sounds good?

    Greetings from Australia


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    I usually leave Broadcom threads alone because I refuse to use their chips on my gear. That being said. To help your cause. Post the outputs of these commands in your next post. Just open a terminal in Ubuntu since you say

    My WiFi Card is working with Ubuntu from CD but not with a installed Ubuntu?
    And follow the wifi docs below. I run AntiX which is even more sparse out of the box than Ubuntu and I know Broadcom wireless usually requires some kind of firmware
    update through a landline first before it will start working. Was a Land line hooked up when you ran the live cd session? Anyhows. Here is the Ubuntu wireless
    troubleshooting link.

    for members here. Copy and paste this command from my personal troubleshooting file and post in your next reply in code tags (the # sign in tool bar in advanced reply is code tags).

    sudo echo uname: && uname -a -m -p && echo lspci: && lspci -knn && echo lsusb: && lsusb && echo lsusb -t: && lsusb -t && echo lsmod: && lsmod && echo ifconfig: && ifconfig && echo ifconfig -a: && ifconfig -a && echo iwconfig: && iwconfig && echo resolv.conf: && cat /etc/resolv.conf && echo route: && route -n && echo ip link show: && ip link show

    rfkill list all
    Happy Trails and good luck with it. Rok

    P.S. Did you md5sum check downloaded isos for a corrupt downloaded iso file? If not nowing what I mean. Search "md5sum ubuntu".

    Edit: I forgot to mention. Some Laptops turn off wifi in bios also during a Linux installation. It is easy enough to check. Just go into bios and make
    sure wireless is enabled/turned on.
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    Problem solved.
    I haven't realized HOW importend a cable connection is at the installation.
    I got a cable from a friend and connected my computer to the DSL Box and direct all problems are gone.
    I could instal the internal WiFi Card direct and got direct my WiFi Internet Connection.
    Thanks for the Help.

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