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    Access SSH internationally?

    I have a website server that I connect to via ssh. The problem is I cannot connect to it except when I'm in the same network. So I cannot access it outside of my house. when I type in [I]ip addr[I], it shows a bunch of them and I pick eth0 and pick the inet ip and type it it. This usually works in my home network. But how do I make it so I can access it anywhere???

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    Your external IP addresses should be visible across the internet (unless your territory governance prevents some access) - so that means all you need is to ensure that you get the same IP address for your connection each time you use it.

    Your ISP usually assigns IP addresses when you connect to the internet from a pool it has available, but most will allow you to buy a static IP address that never changes for a small fee.

    Once you have your static IP address you can use it to connect from anywhere. One word of warning, though, your ADSL modem/router will normally be configured to reject connection attempts, so you'll need to adjust its firewall to cope.

    This is quite a big topic, though - you might want to spend some time Googling/reading to help you understand it better. There is a little bit of information on TLDP which might help.
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    I'll just point out that your external IP address isn't the address you'll see on a computer connected to most internet access modem/routers. Generally you'll be "natted" and assigned an address from the private ranges. The external address will be the address your router is assigned by your ISP. You'll need to set up port forwarding on the router to get to the natted box.

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    You can use a VPN to create a tunnel to the network the server exists within, and then ssh through that. I do that every day when the firewalls of the network where the node I am trying to connect with doesn't allow outside acces via port 22 to internal servers.
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