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    Linux Mint 16 WIFI issue on campus

    On my college campus, Windows (Vista through Eight), Mac, iDevices, Android devices, and tablets will all connect to the network which is WPA-EAP. Linux (any distro) is the only OS that won't connect, and as far as I figure this caused by the network not having certificates, and Linux is trying to force certificates. I went through with vi to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/'Network Name' and changed the system-ca-certs=true to =false, reloaded with sudo ifconfig wlan0 down and up, restarted and double checked the file... no dice. What it does is keeps trying to connect and never does, just comes up with a dialogue asking for my password. Any assistance?

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    Not sure how you came to the conclusion that it's certs? One question: Is this a captive portal? I've had problems with lots of *nix distros not being able to handle the DNS redirects on a captive portal; especially if I'm running FF.

    Sometimes Chrome can handle it on some distros. Or you can pull your current connection info and copy and paste the IP of the captive portal gateway in to the URL bar and load it manually; which will let you sign in, agree to terms. etc and then pickup the token for pass-through.

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    I literally just fixed what the issue was- I knew what was happening due to other users with different distros but the same problem. In the configuration file I was just missing a single letter from the authentication type, which I didn't even bother checking because I assumed that section was correct. So I will go ahead and mark this thread as solved. Thanks for the reply!

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