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    Ethernet via Wine?

    Hi all,

    I am currently running ubuntu 12.04 via crouton on a chromebook 14. The chromebook does not have a port for ethernet hook up so I bought a rocketfish usb ethernet adapter. I have installed the drivers via wine on the ubuntu side. Is there any way to get ethernet to work on the chrome OS side, now that I have installed the drivers on ubuntu? I am assuming not, since everything on chrome has to go through the chrome store, but I am just wondering. I had originally thought that the ubuntu ethernet might work on it's own but now I realize that the internet has to first work on chrome os and then it follows through onto the ubuntu side so if it does not work on chrome os then it won't on ubuntu. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Hi and welcome

    If you installed drivers via wine, then I assume you installed windows drivers.
    This wont work.
    Wine can run *some* windows programs, but not drivers.

    You will need to get this usb ethernet adapter running with ubuntu kernel modules/config.

    There is a chance it just works(tm).
    Look for messages in
    and call
    ip s a
    after you plug it in.

    If not, please post the usb id of that device
    lsusb -v
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    I typed in everything. ip s a did not work. Did not recognize s. Where is the usb id under lsusb -v?


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