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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOuterLinux View Post
    Have you tried installing "broadcom-wl" and "networkmanager" packages? You can get the applet to show up in the panel by running "nm-applet" in the terminal or have it as a run at startup application. Haven't used Kali, but installing broadcom-wl usually fixes wifi issues for Intel computers and Network Manager is just the best for managing the network.
    Lets evaluate this advice.
    There are different hardware providers for wireless devices. Broadcom, Atheros, Intel, Ralink, Realtek, some more.
    OP happens to have Atheros. How the heck can installing Broadcom driver fix the problem? And what Intel has to do with it?
    Next, NetworkManager. It is a tool to manage connections. It has nothing to do with hardware, it does not install drivers!
    It looks like our poster cannot differentiate between hardware and software.
    Trying to help others is commendable indeed, misleading with useless information is not.

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    The image looks fine on mobile devices, so that's probably it. I've run into that problem before when using Tapatalk to post. The images turn left or right on desktops. "IMG_***" should of been a dead giveaway.

    Also, and I apologize if I embarrass the OP, but and after conversing with the guy privately, he didn't have Network Manager installed, or at least nm-applet running.

    You had a guy with a legitimate problem asking for help from the Linux community and instead of coming back to post what he has done so far to fix, potentially helping others in the future, he decides to just message me in private. I don't blame him. The problem with Linux is people want to learn how to fish, but finding bate that works is difficult when you are after something in particular. And because it's Linux, there are always multiple solutions but even those often just cause more problems, replacing one with another. My Broadcom suggestion may seem kinda dumb just from hindsight, but it doesn't excuse the fact you still acted like an ass. If you know the name of the packages needed, then just say so in the first place.

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