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    Getting a net connection over Bluetooth

    If I have a phone which is connected to the net using mobile data, which has Bluetooth, and I have a laptop which also has Bluetooth, how do I get internet on the laptop?
    The phone's Bluetooth has to be turned ON obviously - then? What do I do on the laptop to tell Linux (EliveCD) that it's to use that connection for Internet?

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    what i'd do if i were you:
    1. make sure you cannot use wifi for that: create a wifi hotspot on your laptop. much easier, because your android can use that already.
    2. search "android internet over bluetooth" or some such. my guess is you'll hit a wall there, and won't need to search how to do that over linux.

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    Hi there. Remember that Bluetooth on a device presents a specific profile (with associated possible actions) to any other connected device. Eg. type "Headset" would allow audio to be played. Some devices will present a dial-up PPP type, but generally require a driver to match. So, you can use the bluedevil tools (for example) to interrogate a device to see what types it presents, to see if it will even support the connection you're asking about... and then go from there. But I expect it will present a host of issues. As nihili suggests, wifi hotspots were born for this sort of thing. Go well.


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