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I am running x86_64 edition (ubuntu). I did a google search and got started with this.

I did everything as stated and it seemed to run flawlessly when I rebooted as stated only 1 ethernet card showed up and a dialup and no wireless card. eth1 was the only ethernet/broadband card that showed up that is my onboard card and no wireless card showed up.

I'm kind of unsure where to go from here and haven't been able to find much to help does anyone have anything to help me push past this hump? Also I am running the exact same card as this guy the wusb54g v4 card. This was a fresh install the first thing I did was what was stated above. Other than load ndiswrapper and kernal headers.
I installed Ubuntu 64 6.10 using the Oem install option, when I got to the wireless setup, I typed in my SSID (carefully spelling and capitilizing, set the wep password and my LINKSYS WUSG54G v4 came up without a problem.