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    No wireless connection, Ubuntu

    Have pity on a newbie and avoid too technical terms please!

    I installed SUSE10 from disk some weeks ago and never got on with it at all so I would now like to try Ubuntu for which I have a live CD. The problem is it does not recognise my wireless connection at all (neither did SUSE). I want to try again as I want to get off MS if possible and am quite prepared to install Ubuntu to hard-drive (that's another problem because I don't know how to get rid of the previously installed SUSE and partition).

    I have a Compaq Presario 3000 laptop about 2 years old which came fitted with wireless and which has worked perfectly through MS for the last 6 months, but neither Linux OS recognises it's presence - what should I do?

    I don't want to give up with Linux!


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    I believe the wireless card is a broadcom and there are countless threads mentioning getting this working ubuntuforums have helped me getting one of these cards to work using the native driver in Linux
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soapy
    Have pity on a newbie and avoid too technical terms please!....

    .....I don't want to give up with Linux!


    I feel your pain Bro...!!!!!! but if you want the wireless to work you are going to get dirty...!!! and get into the technical side deep...very deep..!! See it as a learning experience, I'm also in the same boat with my Atheros card not working. I'm having trouble compiling the madwifi driver into the Kernel and also using NDISwrapper, but guess what..?? under WindozeXP works fine...!!!! (please Lord do not let me go back into the MS Side..!!!)

    Sorry, but that's the nature of the Linux beast.

    Sometimes I'm wondering if the hardware manufacturers do this on purpose under pressure by Mr. Softy....

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    Smile It isn't too bad

    I just got suse 10.1 to work with my wireless card. I have a compaq presario v2000 with a BCM4306 - which is very likely what you have in your 3000. You'll probably need to use ndiswrapper since broadcom doesn't support linux or allow access to the source for a third party to make them. Ndiswrapper lets the WINDOWS driver communicate with linux to get you up and going online. So getting ndiswrapper installed is the first step. I think the best way to do this is with the distro cd's that you installed the os from. I am pretty sure it is similar in Ubuntu. You'll need to use your packet manager to do this. You don't just click an exe file to install things in linux. To help you get oriented in linux you can try listening to the linuxreality podcasts at They really helped me to figure out what was going on in the linux world. Linux isn't windows and some of the key principles are different. So try to get ndiswrapper installed and post back here with any errors. And there are tons of threads explaining how to install and configure ndiswrapper. Good luck.

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