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    name servers

    OK, here is what I have found :

    It looks like you don't have your DNS/Name servers set in your wifi. (I've tried to remove my DNS and it was behaving the same way as yours )

    go to Yast control center -> Network devices -> Network card

    choose your wifi card -> EDIT -> name servers -> there are 3 fields for 3 name servers.
    it is enough to put one or two name servers. If you already have them set and YOU SURE those are the right ones, then try these : NS1 :, NS2:,
    ALso make sure that in ROUTING you have correct Gateway address - most probably the address of your ADSL router if you running ADSL or Access Point address if it is the direct connection to internet.
    If this doesn't help, then something happened in installation of drivers, try to reinstall but I doubt it.

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    One thing to watch for also - is to make sure your password is being sent via the correct protocol. In your router/modem setup you probably have somewhere the setting for the password and what encryption is being used. This information is in KNetworkManager.

    In the Encryption drop-down you can choose WEP Passphrase (plain text), WEP 40/104-bit hex, WEP 40/104-bit ASCII or any number of other choices based on what your router sets up.

    You need to make sure the password is being sent in the same manner as the router has it.

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    Well, I did what you said. Neighbours network was found instantly, full signal and much faster (still slow, but they might have dialup). However, my network was found 10seconds later, was on around the same signal.. and it got up to 57%! It found the IP straight away. Although, I noticed something..

    When you hover the mouse over the connection, is the IP it displays supposed to be my routers IP? If it is, that might be whats wrong.

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    I got one step further- instead of DHCP, I put in my subnet and my IP and it connected!

    But, in Mozilla, it says "looking up (whatever site I enter).." and never gets there. Atleast there are no "you aren't connected to the internet" errors . Do you know what I should do now?

    Again, thanks guys. I can't survive without the internet :P, so I appreciate your help.

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    It looks like you don't have your DNS/Name servers set in your wifi.
    this is what I have said before, did you try my steps ???

    still looks like it.


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    Sorry, I must have missed that bit! I'll try it again when I fix up my corrupted BIOS chip

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