I have been trying for the last 4+ hours to get my wifi card back online with no luck. I have a Linksys WPC11 Ver.4 PCMCIA card which has a rtl8180 chipset inside. I started with the XP drivers and ndiswrapper but Kismet doesn't work with this setup (if I understand correctly from the docs) so I had to resort to compiling the drivers from http://rtl8180-sa2400.sourceforge.net/ which worked great and let me list ap's and connect just fine. However for some reason now I cannot get an address via dhcp. I can scan with
iwlist wlan0 scan
which returns the AP's local to me, including mine "SMC", but cannot connect with
ifconfig wlan0 -promisc -multicast
ifconfig wlan0 down; ifdown wlan0
iwpriv wlan0 monitor 0 1
iwconfig wlan0 essid SMC
// I now edit /etc/network/interfaces to have wireless_essid "SMC" as well
ifconfig wlan0 up
ifup wlan0
This *used* to work fine and would get the card out of monitor mode (which it was set into by kismet) and would connect via dhcp. Now it just times out and can't get an address or any DHCPACK response, I'm wondering if there's something other than iwpriv, iwconfig, and ifconfig I should be checking or if i'm typing the wrong commands, or if it's the driver or what... Kismet still loads up and scans just fine, and
iwlist wlan0 scan
still returns AP's but there is no connecting to my AP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.