Hi, its been a little while since I've asked something in here

My setup isnt to complicated.

Mackbook pro
Parallels workstation
USB Ralink
Backtrack 2.0 (Installed)

Running Wireless network (cracked) - my own btw

So here it is. I've managed to crack my own network... out of pure boredom on this friday night. Now I have no clue why I simply cannot access to the AP since I 99% I've done everything good.

iwconfig rausb0 essid someID channel 9 key 00:11:22:33:44:55:66:77:88:99
the Ralink is in managed mode, ESSID is ok, wep is ok, channel is ok,... actually everything seems ok.

then Im trying dhcpcd rausb0..... doesnt do anything except wasting my time...
ifconfig doesnt show rausb0 after I run dhcpcd so I UP it again...

This is where the loop never ends...

Anyone has an ideas?
I'm quite sure the ralink under backtrack if fully supported, but maybe im wrong... thanks alot in advance