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Thread: Ralink61 x86_64

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    Ralink61 x86_64

    Dear all,

    I have a generic Ralink RT61 WiFi card and I wish to install it on an AMD 64 with Suse 10.1.

    I downloaded the latest driver release from the Ralink website v1.1.0.0. It said that in the release notes it supports x64.

    I followed the installation instructions. During the "#make all" step I had plenty of warnings, but no errors. I then loaded the module - so I thought with the insmod rt61.ko and ifconfig ra0 inet up followed by dhcpd ra0. When I ping a web address it comes up with host unknown.

    I did edit the rt61sta.dat file and changed the SSID="the name of the router"; by the way is that case sensitive? Left everything else in rt61sta.dat alone.

    When I do modprobe ra0 - it returns module does not exist. ifconfig only lists the local loopback. The green light is on at the back of the card and the orange LED occasionally flickers - if that helps?

    Can anyone please help?

    There are so many different types of instructions out there. Some require creating a directory called extra after the kernel directory?


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    you have to put the command ifconfig ra0 inet [your ip] up
    and then you must configure it with iwconfig to set de ssid and channel settings etc.

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