Hi, I installed xsupplicant to connect to my university's wifi but I think I just don't get how it works. First, does xsupplicant need another program to work, and if so, why? (what xsupplicant exactly do?)... Second, I've tried a couple of config and the only result I'm getting at starting xsupplicant is ''Starting xsupplicant 1.2.1'', no more no less. What is there to do after? Sorry, I'm new on linux. I've read that we need to start dhcpcd, ok, how do we do so? lol. I've also tried to get wpa_supplicant working (I've read somewhere that I needed it) but couldn't get nowhere. I know that my drivers are ok because I can connect t uprotected network. Anyway, here's my xsupplicant.conf that I've got out of a site. If you can guide me through this process I'll be very thankfull.

# We'll be using PEAP
allow_types = eap_peap

# Don't want any eavesdropper to learn the username during the
# first phase (which is unencrypted), so 'identity hiding' is
# used (using a bogus username).
identity = <BEGIN_ID>anonymous<END_ID>

eap-peap {
# As in tls, define either a root certificate or a directory
# containing root certificates.
root_cert = /usr/local/etc/1x/certs/root.pem
#root_dir = /path/to/root/certificate/dir
#crl_dir = /path/to/dir/with/crl
chunk_size = 1398
random_file = /dev/urandom
#cncheck = myradius.radius.com # Verify that the server certificate
# has this value in its CN field.
#cnexact = yes # Should it be an exact match?
session_resume = yes

# Currently 'all' is just mschapv2.
# If no allow_types is defined, all is assumed.
#allow_types = all # where all = MSCHAPv2, MD5, OTP, GTC, SIM
allow_types = eap_mschapv2

# Right now, you can do any of these methods in PEAP:
eap-mschapv2 {
username = <BEGIN_UNAME>testuser<END_UNAME>
password = <BEGIN_PASS>Secret149<END_PASS>