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    help with railink usb wireless adapter 2500

    I am very new to linux. Just got the latest Sabayon Linux. It shows it has a driver for the railink but when i click on it, it keeps saying I dont have root privliges....

    I dont know what that means and i have no idea how to get my wireless connection to work. what do i need to do?

    I also have a new zyxel g-202 wireless adapter and cant get that one to work either.

    I am a total noob to linux and so far Sabayon looks really cool and user friendly. Can anyone help? what does root privlige mean or can i get my zyxel adapter to work instead???


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    Every linux computer has a special user account called the root account. The root account has full administration privileges and can do pretty much anything on your computer.

    Now, I don't know much about Sabayon, but probably sometime during installation it asked you to type in a password for the root account. If not, it means Sabayon generated a random password for the root account, but you can access it through "sudoing."

    Do you remember typing in a root password when installing?

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    yeah i got into the root finally cause i chose the password.

    I still dont know how to get either of my wireless cards to work. I just want the internet to start working.

    I dont know much command line stuff or what ndiswrapper all does, I need some basic step by step instructions.

    I can get to a terminal but I need to know exactly how things are typed.

    Thanks again.

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    Start a command line and type iwconfig. This will display all of your wireless interfaces. Hopefully, your computer has the Rt2500 driver, and you will see a device something like ra0. If not, you will need to get it.

    Don't use ndiswrapper. It will just make your life harder.

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