'lo folks,

Just signed up & figuring it all out. Somehow managed to setup this laptop wi-fi with a d-link dwl-g122 usb (has to be ver. [B]....RT 2500 usb chipset based) dongle (I think it's called)..

Tried to get going wifi first with the (pre instaled) linspire desktop (no go yet).

Downloaded a bunch of 'distros' (I think they're called) & did fiddle with the DSL (dam small linux) version...

So, I'm online, WIFI!!.. running the 'puppy' version (2.10 I think) off a live cd - laptop is a gateway mx-3410 (AMD Turion 64 x2). Also managed to configure it to my (wep 64) encrypted home network (think?! somehow).. Setup questions are a bit diff from what I'm used to with the windows d-link extreme g router setup, I'm somewhat adept with.

Lookin for some guidance & perhaps can provide some info on getting the wi-fi working. Wasn't a picnic (for me) at all & might be of some help for others.

Think i got the (puppy included) firewall running & guess I'll get avg anti vir.

Puppy's humming & wifi is stable & solid showing (G) rated 54 Mpbs. Used a windows driver only (NetRUTSB .inf), using ndiswrapper & ethernet wizard in puppy (real easy)..