Hi all
Can any one help me .. please.
I have same experience problem with my linux/wireless. My infrastructure is like this:. ISP --> 2.Linux (FC4. as router)--> 3.hub/switch --> 4.RadioWIFI as AP (brand:smartBridge)--> 5.RadioWIFI as Repeater with mode:stationInfrastructure(brand:micronet) ----> 6.EthernetPC1,PC2,PC3(ClientPC) my problem is: I want to read PC1,PC2,PC3 MAC address on Linux(FC4), but MAC address that appear is MAC Address 5. (RadioWIFI as Repeater mark:micronet918GK) my purpose is i want to limit IP address PC1,PC2,PC3,PC4 with shorewall (with maclist). If PC1 change IP address, it can't access router & internet.
I was disable MacClone on RadioWIFI(micronet) n that PC's is in the same subnet with linuxFC4.
command "ip neigh show" result is like this: dev eth1 lladdr 00:11:3b:02:6b:5f STALE ->PC1 dev eth1 lladdr 00:11:3b:02:6b:5f DELAY -> PC2 dev eth1 lladdr 00:11:3b:02:6b:5f STALE PC-> PC3

but real PC's Mac Address not like that.

Why behaviour like that. Is my ruter (with FC4) or my RadioWIFI(micronet) problem. how do i resolve this ????