Dear All,

I am doing an experiment to transfer file from Cellphones to Linux over BT
using BlueZ stack available in Linux.

Object Push from Nokia to BlueZ fails.

1) I am able to push a file from Motorola to Linux BlueZ.

2) But I am unable to push a file from Nokia N93 to Linux BlueZ.

Error message displayed on Nokia 93 is "Unable to Connect".

Can anyone help me, in identifying what's going wrong from the log attached
below? Since I am new to BT, I am not yet become expert in understanding the
BT protocol. There is something going wrong from Linux BlueZ stack, when Nokia
cellphone is sending file transfer request.

3) I also tried transferring files from Linux to Nokia, which works fine.

Note : I added a service Object using "sdptool add OPUSH"

Linux Dist. Fedora Core 6
Linux Kernel :
BlueZ tools : bluez-libs-3.7