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    ipw3945 with wpa_supplicant connects -- unable to obtain ip information

    Everything was working just fine until the last kernel update: Fedora Core (2.6.19-1.2895.fc6)

    I've had this Gateway NX570X notebook for about a month now and have done the basic training, compiling the Intel ipw3945 wireless driver along with the wpa_supplicant to enable WPA Personal (aes). A few weeks ago I switched entirely to the rpms available on ATRPMS, which worked fine. I'm not sure that one is related to the other but I found that shortly after receiving the last kernel update my wireless started giving me trouble. I am able to connect to my AP but not able to obtain an IP. Another strange symptom is that once in a blue moon (after trying over and over) I do receive an IP and am able to bring up eth1.

    As a control I'm running a dual boot where the Windows installation is able to connect to the wireless LAN without any trouble, as well as my PC across the room. My first inclination is that there may be too much radio interference for the, still in development ipw3945 linux wifi driver to associate correctly. My dilemma is that I'm a programmer, not a sysadmin and I don't know enough about networking to draw or rectify that conclusion. I have 14 APs accessible from my living room (San Francisco).

    I would greatly appreciate if someone would take a moment to help me debug this.


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    To answer my own question and hopefully benefit others, I've come up with a solution:

    I reconfigured my wifi-router to use WPA2/aes instead of WPA/aes. If I recall correctly; the WPA_Supplicant received an update at about the same time as the Kernel update. Switching my wpa_supplicant.conf to accept WPA2 encryption allows me to obtain an IP from my DHCP. In the end I'm not sure if standard WPA was botched in the last update or if WPA2 does a better job of filtering out noise. Or, perhaps the other 13 APs are using WPA leaving my AP a clear channel using WPA2. I really don't care enough to look into it any further.


    pairwise=CCMP TKIP
    group=CCMP TKIP

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