Using NetworkManager version 0.6.4 with OpenSUSE 10.2. After the workstation is rebooted the user is prompted to enter the WPA-PSK encrypted key then enter a passphrase before being allowed to connect to the network. I want a user to be able to log-in with the key already stored and not prompt for the key and passphrase each time they log in unless they are switching wireless networks such as for those using a laptop who want to use for example a HotSpot at Starbucks. The user already has to verify with logging their username and password to access the desktop so there shouldn't be a need to ask for futher information just to access the wireless network once the wireless network information has already been stored. Does anyone know how to change this so NetworkManager won't keep prompting for the key each time a user logs in? Note: I've already set the wireless card to start on boot in the YAST Control Center.