Ok, So, I found a distribution that Is compatible with my wireless card, and It was all working great for like an hour or so, but Then Gaim Shut down, and Then I couldnt Connect to the internet. I shut down, re booted, and what not, open Wlassistant and It connected to my network. Well, That was all good, But I left to go grab some lunch, came back and am having the same problem, only it wont connect to my network at all. First it shows its there, then I click connect, and it waits for a couple of seconds, and then It says Connection Failed, and I cant see my network Anymore. I am on my windows Partition, it is working fine, and another computer here is working fine, so it is not the network itself.

Any Help would be great.


EDIT: This will sound stupid, But I read up on it quite a bit, and Had my card set to managed, and after quite a while of screaming at the computer, switched it to auto and bam it is working FOR NOW. so If an admin or whatver wants to delete this thread i have no problem with it.