I'm currently having some problems with ndiswrapper, everything works perfectly. That is, until I try connecting it to my network.

It originally froze when running modprobe ndiswrapper, but I fixed that problem with this guide:

I haven't gotten any errors, my kernel is the default that comes with Slackware 11. I can't paste any output from commands in the terminal, because Slackware is on another partition on this computer and I don't have any possibility for plugging my computer into the network with ethernet.

But, if you have any suggestion, or ideas on what too look for when running certain commands then I can do that.

My network card is a D-Link DWL G510. Windows reports it as revision C, but Slackware tells me it is revision B. I'm using the WinXP drivers from the install disk it came with, and running ndiswrapper-1.33 it has been compiled for the linux kernel.