Good Morning,

I've got Ubuntu 6.1 running and working well except for my wireless network connection.

My system is dual boot with a separate 120 GB hard drive used for Linux only.

I've tried to get the linux system to recognize and use my PCI D-link 510 version 2.11 wireless G card but must admit I'm frustrated and ready to pack it in.

Ndiskwrapper is installed with 6.1 so I think I'm OK there but every time I try to install the drivers I hit a roadblock. I am using the neta3ab.inf file whick I have copied to my desktop. When I enter the ndiswrapper command it comes back with a can't copy error.

Not sure at all what where to start here and could really use a hand with step by step or advice. I'm a ne user so syntax could be an issue. I sure would appreciate some help.