Lately I've been trying to install an ftp server. I finally managed to install everything I needed, though it's not yet perfectly secure. However, my house is big enough that I don't really want to have to run a cable from the router to the room I want to keep my server in. I had a f5d7000 wireless pci desktop card lying around, so I put it into my computer, installed, and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work yet. I've tried everything, including ndiswrapper with multiple drivers (which is how I got my laptop wireless to work), but I can't seem to get this dang thing working. I also noticed that when I run lspci it prints out a line saying "0000:01:09:0 Ethernet Controller: atheros Communications, Inc.: Unknown device 001a (rev 01). This is the only problem I could find. I've tried the drivers bcmwl5a and BLKWGDv7 with ndiswrapper, but the device is never installed when I use ndiswrapper -l. Can anyone help me out?

P.S., I don't have a GUI installed on the server, so I can only use command line utilities.