Ok, so for the past month or two I've been forced to go back to Windows because I haven't been able to get my wireless card in my laptop working in Kubuntu 6.10. I got close to a solution, but I then read that if your wireless card is a Broadcom "Air Force One" card, there will be problems. Well just my luck, my laptop Broadcom card is the "Air Force One" card described to me.

Now I'm one of those people that HAS to have the internet available to them or there isn't any reason to move away from Windows since it works.

However, in another distribution, Xandros 4 Home Premium to be exact, my wireless somehow managed to work after one or two restarts of the system. Now is there any way to extract that driver from the install disk that works, and get it installed on a Kubuntu system? If it isn't possible, or is on the difficult side of things that only a seasoned Linux veteran could do, could you point me in the right direction that will allow me to get this working? Thanks in advance to everyone takes the time to read this and answer.