ok ive spent months messing around with getting one of my wireless usb devices to work under linux; after deciding its a no go i ended up picking another usb wireless device up (i needed one to use in uni anyways) - so after following the basic steps to get the device reognised and working (at uni) i was rather suprised at how easy it was - it worked. so off i go home that night happy that i am not a total failure in getting this set up so i could use the net on my linux box at home (due to the layout of phone points at my place im limated to using wireless). so after spending many, many MANY hours trying to get it to work at home on my desktop ive given up and decided to give you guys a shout to see if you can help me get this working, at home. ive also tried it on my laptop and it configured fine, just the same as the rig in uni so im a little at a loss as to how it will not work on the desktop. now onto a more detailed description of the problem.

i must first point out that i am using the same distro (mandriva 2005) at home as i was on the rig we get given to play with at uni (i used the same discs to install the OS myself so i know for 100% its the same) as well as the same distro and version on the laptop; i also tried using Mandriva 2007 at home but ran into the same problem. In short i think ive narrowed it down to being maybe a hardware problem - well it apprers to be related to the usb aspect. so what is it thats stopping me? - when plugging in the device linux hangs.

if i plug in the device (Belkin wireless g network adapter 3001uk version) it causes my system to hang - anything that attempts to read the hardware configeration hangs - lsusb, ndiswrapper -l, harddrake, mcc, network connections etc. when i plug in the device the kernal reads that its plugged in (so guess thats a blessing).
dmesg output:

usb 5-8: new highspeed usb device using ehci_hcd and address 16
now ive plugged in the deivice just before hitting next on the wireless configeration (graphical) and hit next this is where it goes and looks to find hardware that the driver can be associated with and this is where it hangs - ive left it all night and gotten no error message.
ive also tried to manually configure it (this was what i tried first) and seeing as it hangs on ndiswrapper -l, and other commands it results in the same - being unable to get any further i.e the device condiferation such as ESSIS etc.

if i remove the belkin adaptor the system 'unhangs' and carries on as though no time has past; dmesg output after removing the device:

usb 5-8: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 16
ndiswrapper (usb_submit_nt_urb:628): usb_reset_pipe() = -71
wlan0: ndiswrapper ethernet device 00:00:00:00:00:00 using driver rt73, configuration file 050D:705A.0.conf
wlan0: encryption modes supported: WEP, WPA with TKIP, WPA with AES/CCMP
usb 5-8: USB disconnect, address 16
ndiswrapper: device wlan0 removedndiswrapper:
so the device is being recognised and claimed by ndiswrapper and in the split second between 'unhanging' and realisging its removed it even assigns default settings to the device; obviously this now allows the other commands such as lsusb to be used and not hang when it is removed.

i have even tried a fresh install incase i have messed up a configeration file somewhere that i had not reaslised to see if this solves the problem - it doesnt.
There is only one difference that ive noticed between the three machines - and this is the fact that i have to load the usb module thingy after inserting the belkin device on the home desktop to get lsusb (and therefor other programs) to recognise that a device is plugged into the usb port.
a lsusb on the home desktop returns empty untill i run /etc/init.d/usb start (i think thats the command its been a long day so i cant recall it exactly) then it lists all my usb ports and the devices plugged into the ones that have something attached to them.
something which i believe could be related to this problem is that usb pen drives and cds, dvds - any ecternal removiable media that i insert into my home desktop will require me to manually mount them; before there seen by the OS. Mounting a pen drive on the same port(s) ive tired the belkin adaptor seems to confirm that the port works fine - the device is accessable and ive used it on many occasion.

again id like to point out the same distro and version are installed, (fresh install on the home desktop) and that the wirelss device works on two other computers (uni rig -desktop, and my latop at home).

so can anyone help me as ive been trying for ages to get this going and althogugh i consider myself a linux n00b ive tried my best.
Thankyou in advance.
faith love and respect

hardware of home desktop -im listing everything here as there may be something causing a conflict:
Manufacturer: VIAK8M
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2800+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.6GHz
Ram: 1Gig
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
USB2: 2front, 4 back, and a hub connected to a rear port.