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    GETTING HEAD-er files

    alright, I'm attempting to install my ndiswrapper, and everything is going peachy until:

    [root@Cynab tmp]# tar -xvzf ndiswrapper-1.38.tar.gz
    [root@Cynab tmp]# cd ndiswrapper-1.38
    [root@Cynab ndiswrapper-1.38]# make uninstall
    [root@Cynab ndiswrapper-1.38]# make
    make -C driver
    make[1]: Entering directory ' home/cynab/ndiswrapper-1.38/driver'
    Can't find kernel build files in /lib/modules/2.6.18-1.2798.fc6/build;
       give the path to kernel build directory with
       KBUILD=<path> argument to make
    Now, in the INSTALL file of nwiswrapper, it says to make sure that I got a recent kernel (I'm fairly sure I got the most recent stable.) and to make sure there is a link to the kernel source from the modules directory. It wants
    ls /lib/modules/'uname -r'/build
    to show at least the "include" directory and ".config" file. On checking, I have none of these things, so, it's up to you fine folks to offer a clue. Thanks in advance.

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    You will need to go to the mirror that you downloaded FC6 from. The folder is:
    , and the file is called
    . Open it in fedora, and install it.

    Now, go here
    there should be a thing called build, but it dissapears when you click on it. Now go to
    Right-click on the
    folder, and choose create link. Copy that link into the
    folder, and rename it to
    Say yes to overwrite.

    This should allow you to run the makefile without errors. Also, please post how your install goes. I ran into problems installing the driver using the
    modprobe ndiswrapper
    command. It said invalid module format.

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    Any time you install a new kernel you should make sure to install the source for that kernel as well. Also, check and make sure that the symlink /usr/src/linux points to the new kernel.

    Also, if the new kernel headers weren't installed it helps to run at least the make command on the new kernel source as some newer packages reference the kernel headers instead of the actual source.

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    Thanks for the advice you guys! I won't be able to attempt your wisdom for several days, but when I'm done fiddling with it, I'll be sure to post back with any success!!!

    Again, I appreciate it!

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