Hello ALL!!

I am a newbie to this thing called Linux. I recently aquired a Dell Dimension 4600 (FREELY given to me) and wanted to test Ubuntu "Dapper Drake".

My problem is that I can't get the wifi card to work and, due to where this machine is located, there is NO other way to connect it to the internet EXCEPT wirelessly.

The wireless card is a Linksys WMP54Gv4 (ALSO FREELY given to me so you can see my reluctance to go out and purchase anything else right now.)

I keep reading about something called "ndiswrapper". I have searched through countless howtos, wikis, and forum pages and I guess that I can't understand what it is I'm reading because I can't seem to get ndiswrapper to work correctly.

The driver that seems to work the best is RaLink's RT2500 driver. However, I am MORE than willing to change to another driver if that is what you suggest.

I am becoming frustrated with this but I want to try ONE LAST TIME to make this setup work. I am MORE fed up with "winblows" than I am with trying to get this distro to see my card.

Can or will anyone with knowledge on this issue help? I will be glad to answer ANY questions that you may need to ask.

THANKS for ALL of your help in advance.