Hi helpers. I'm so ashamed that this is posted via XP and I.E. I really want to get away from the Damned MS environment!

I'm running an AMD Athlon 2200 in a VIA motherboard. I'm very new to the Linux environment and have installed Linux 2007 Free with no probs. Gnome GUI has detected and installed my video card and monitor no problem. It has detected and installed my USB printer. I have been using a Sagem ADSL USB modem in XP and have now configured it successfully using Ueagle and Firefox accesses the Internet no probs.

I had a WG111V2 working well in XP but I cannot get it to work under Linux at all. I've tried the NDIS wrapper method which tells me that I have a WG111V2 and that the network is configured successfully. But I can tell that it isn't (mainly 'cos I can't accesss the wireless network!) and the lights don't flash. I've looked for the chipset manufacturer and have found the Prism/Realtek 8187G chipset is compatible but I'm afraid it's beyond me to use command line instructions as set out.

Is it possible to use the GUI to install and configure the Netgear XP driver? If I have to use chipset drivers can anybody please give me simple command line instructions to follow?

I can download any required files and store them on my DVD RAM Rewriter disc, so no probs there.

Please help, thank you.