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    WMP54G - Ubuntu.


    I am having some trouble finishing of the last steps of this wireless configuration.

    The pci card is on, and the lights are flashing, but the train 'aint coming...

    In other words I can't connect to the internet, I don't think. This is my first venture out with Linux, so there's something I haven't set up properly in my network settings.

    What I have set up so far;

    I went into Network Settings, set my ESSID, no security, and set the connection setting to DHCP. When I click apply, and then finally OK, the dialog box takes a good full minute to close, teasing me that it's configuring something, and then when it's closed, I see no noticeable wireless connection. For example, in Windows, I see my WiFi cards utility, which tells me whats going down. But I don't see anything in Linux. I see some links to Wireless managers for Ubuntu, but there for things like, Dapper, Edgy, etc, I don't know what I'm running, is the something I can type from the terminal, do give me the low down?

    Apart from that so far so good, so if someone could give me some troubleshooting steps to take, or just bluntly say, you arse, you haven't done x, y and z. I'd be grateful.


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    Well, I have a much bigger problem now. Last night it was getting late, and I was the stage explained above, so I thought I'd call it day, and try again this morning, well, I just tried to boot into Ubuntu, and when it's loading all the kernel files, bad things happen...

    "Loading hardware drivers" Fails.
    "Configuring network interfaces" Just hangs, the first time, I waited for about 20 minutes to see if I saw anything interesting, that might help someone help me, but I decided to get a sandwich, and when I came back, the screen was just blank... Nothing.... So, I've just rebooted, and it's doing the same thing, hanging on "Loading hardware drivers" for about 5 mins, and then continuing, and then hanging on "configuring network interfaces" and hanging for eternity, it seems.

    One other thing that's happens in this process, the normal orangy Ubuntu loading GUI, randomly turns into a text based loader whilst hanging on "configuring network interfaces".

    Another thing, whilst in the text based area, where it's hanging, I can type characters in, but there not what I see on my keyboard, it just spurts out random letters, in lower case, upper case, pascal case, camel case etc... I can also press enter and navigate down.

    Thanks for reading, hope that means something to someone!

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