Note: I know so little about networking/Linux I can barely form a question, but here goes.

My T-21 Thinkpad is setup as a dual-boot Win98SE/PCLinuxOS. Using the local library hot-spot, Win98SE connects to 'net just fine BUT PCLinuxOS gives error message " could not be found" using two different browsers [Konqueror & SeaMonkey]

PSLinuxOS [an offspring of Red Hat] gives conflicting messages. In Control Center > Configure 802.11 abg wireless connection, There is an indication of five green bars BUT also the words "not connected". The yellow & green LEDs on wireless card are "flashing away".

Also there is message "DHCP not installed". However Synaptic shows dhcp - client & dhcp - common are both installed. The only "option" Synaptic gives is to remove them !!

Right now, I'm stumped and could use all the help/advice I can get.