Hi All,

I wanted to switch off my wireless card and then switch it on again after a certain time. I tried `iwconfig eth1 txpower off` which did switch off my radio. subsequently doing `iwconfig eth1 txpower on` switched it back on as well. However, it seems it wont work immediately when it comes back on, and needs to get an ip address before it starts working again.

I wanted a solution where it will work immediately after it comes on using its last stored ip address maybe? I am thinking whether configuring static ip addresses will help by disabling dhcp. Or would the card need to re-associate with the ap before it can work?

The reason I need to do all this quickly is because I am testing the time it takes for a radio to come back on from off position and dont want things like gaining ip addresses and ap association as part of the time I calculate.

I am using fedora 4 , kernel 2.6.11 with an intel pro 2100 card. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.