I installed FC6 last night, the i686 version (32 bit), downloaded the drivers and firmware and all that crap for my Intel Pro Wireless card (I'm assuming it was the 3945, since I installed a few different ones, and that was the one that worked, plus I recall that being the case). Anyhow, after that, I realized I should update my system.... I know they always say update first, then install new stuff, but I didn't do that.

Anyways, once I updated my system, wireless stopped working after I restarted (it told me I should for everything to take effect). When I restarted, I found out wireless wasn't working, dug a little deeper, and found that where it once detected an Intel Pro Wireless 3945, it now does not. Since then I removed the packages using Yumex, and tried reinstalling them, but that does not work.

Does anyone have any ideas?