So I finally switched my company laptop from WinXP to Novell's Suse 10 Enterprise. It's a Dell, and for wireless it has a Dell 1350 wireless card. I didn't find any Linux drivers for it, so I installed ndiswrapper, loaded the bcmwl5.inf file into it, and when I run modprobe ndiswrapper it works great!!

At home.

When I try it at work, it sees our open, no security essid "Internet", when I try to connect to it, it waits and waits until it gives up.

My /var/log/messages has the following lines:

zmd: NetworkStatus (WARN) : Network has been disconnected
zmd: NetworkStatus (WARN) : Network has been disconnected
kernel: wlan0: no IPv6 routers present

It works flawlessly at home off my Linksys AP running WPA2Personal. At work I'm trying to connect to a Foundry Network AP200 with NO security set on it.