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    Locustworld Linux distro and Madwifi latest drivers

    HI folks. been playing around with locustworld in hope of deploying several community wireless services. Yes I know that LW favour prism chipsets etc, but they now have Atheros support for some cards. My issue is this, I have tried and tested a couple radios that work in LW but they are of low output power. I went shopping online and bought the recent Ubiquiti XR2 600mw babes.. We purchased for almost 1k worth of radios just yesterday and have themin our hands right now.. Since they are supported by Madwifi and that LW is supporting atheros cards from madwifi drivers, I thought they would work! WRONG.. They dont work!! Madwifi unofficially supports them in there latest 0.9.3 drivers (some users have reported there xr2's to be working with version 0.9.3 which is the latest stable official release), but I dont know how to re compile the LW meshap kernal to get it to load the new drivers for our cards? I believe MeshAP is running kernal 2.4.20. The LW MeshAp source and kernal are all available from LW but im more than green when it comes to Linux.. ANy Linux guys out there??? We are willing to dish out some peso's (lol) for the job.

    Any suggestions are appreciated, we really want to use our sweet Atheros 600mw radios.....


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    I have never heard of Locustworld or Meshap, but a bit of googling brought me to this page.
    I don't know if this something you have already seen or not.
    Maybe somebody else will have more knowledge of your problem than I do.
    I hope it works out for you.
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    HI yes, thats where I got the installation from, and I also noticed a download labeled rebuild meshap from source. I am assuming this si something I need done in order to update drivers, but I dont have a cluse on how to do this..

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