Linux Live Boot on Notebook with Wireless Cont

Having got wireless to work on PCLinuxOS 2007 on notebook, see below, I then set about trying to get USB to work.

After some Google activity I found reference to NOAPIC and ACPI=OFF commands that you can add as Linux boot parameters by pressing Tab key when CD gives various boot options. APIC effects how IRQs are shared out and ACPI controls power management. Various entries had suggested that they can cause problems.

Sure enough if I add EITHER the USB works as it should, however I cannot then get the wireless to work. When PCLinuxOS starts it goes into its network routines and now does not find driver for my wireless inbuilt into Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L7310GW. This it correctly recognises as
Atheros Communications 802.11b/g Wireless PCI Adapter.

Linux Live Boot on Notebook with Wireless

I have over recent months been looking for best method of running Linux on my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L7310GW notebook without changing hard drive as I am not confident enough yet to risk damaging working XP system. So I want to build live boot ultimately off USB 2GB Pen Drive.

So I have tried various live CD boots and except Mepis I have not been able to get wireless to work. Mepis was OK but I could not get it to run on a high resolution screen.

Yesterday I bought August edition of Linux Format magazine and tried the PCLinuxOS on the DVD. Booted up fine and after wireless set to correct WPA key connected OK. (I had to switch off IPv6 in Firefox, as I have to do with all new distros to get Firefox to work see Disable IPv6 for Firefox - openSUSE
One day I will find out what IPv6 is and why I have to disable it!

Changed resolution to 1280 x 1024 in Control Centre. However when I right click desktop and check here it says resolution is 1024x768 which looks more correct.

Only problem is that I do not see USB Pendrive when I insert it.

PCLinuxOS MiniMe
This has instructions on how to use USB Pendrive to live boot from

My PCLinuxOS
This well written log appears to be written by person travelling along same path as me so I will check it out in detail, especially hgow he/she made Pendrive boot.