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Thread: I Give Up...

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    I Give Up...

    I have two wireless USB adapters - one is Wireless-N, one is Wireless-B. Neither work in Ubuntu, with or without ndiswrap.

    I have one PCI wireless-B that is not supported; but, from what I can find on some web forms 'some' people have gotten it to work - but some others can't get WEP security working....and I'm not going to run completely unencrypted.

    So I give up. I still want to run Ubuntu, I still want to run Linux - but I need to be able to get online for it to be worth my effort (I only have one PC, 95+% of my time on my PC is online).

    I want to purchase a wireless card - PCI or USB - that was designed by the company who makes it, to run in Linux. I don't want to use some hack that adds an extra layer and subtracts from my CPU - and I don't want to use something someone else put together. I want to support a company who supports Linux. One that will say 'Linux' on the side of the box, next to where it says 'Windows 98,NT,XP'.

    Does such a card exist?
    If so - can someone please provide a link?

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    From what I know atheros cards seem to work well under Linux.
    I have two laptops at the moment (IBM T41, and Acer Aspire 5570z) with built-in atheros cards. Both work with Wireless-B router and have WEP (tested with Fedora 6 and Ubuntu Dapper and Feisty).

    See if these links can help:
    Linux wireless LAN support
    Compatibility - MadWifi - Trac

    P.S. If I can suggest, do NOT get USB.

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    I have just recently been able to get my Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter working in Fedora 7. Went to "serialmonkey" site got my rt73 driver and a network setup utility and currently in "wireless heaven".

    Check my recent post here for the "serialmonkey" link: Belkin

    If you have one of the chipsets listed they will probably work for you.

    I should add that I have a Sony laptop with an Atheros card that works with Fedora 7.


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    I don't want to use something someone else put together.
    So, I suppose you don't want to use Ubuntu or any Linux component at all since the whole OS was 'put together by someone'

    Support from a company in Linux is hard to get, try something with an Atheros chipset. They should work just fine
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    Just FWIW: some newer Atheros cards aren't supported properly, due to a stupid bug in ath_hal that will probably stay around for a while.

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