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    Setup Linsys WPC11 card (DSL-N)

    I recently installed DSL-N on an old laptop. In order for this to be a usable laptop for me, I need to get some type of internet/network connection. I have a wireless router at home and I have a Linksys Wireless-B Model WPC11 version 4 card. This is a PCMCIAA card by the way. The laptop (if it matters) is a Dell Inspiron 3200 (yes, it's old. It was previously being used as a paper weight and sometimes a boat anchor). Some more info on my version of Linux. It's actually DSL-N and on my monitor as we speak, I have this "Linux 2.6.12" displayed in the upper right corner (along with other info that doesn't seem relevant). When I go into the DSL Panel, and click on the PCMCIA tool, I can click on the "Eject" and "Insert" buttons and watch the light on the card go off and on respectively. However, I don't know if it's actually working or not. I don't know anything about Linux and I don't know how to find out if this card is functioning properly or not. I should say that when I click on the Wlanconfig button, it says "No wireless network card found". So that certainly implies it doesn't recognize the card. I've tried googleing installing this card on this laptop, but I've not had any luck and I'm VERY VERY new to this and don't understand a lot of the instructions. Can someone please help me.

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    Setup Linksys Card on old laptop & DSL

    Wow, this is an old post. I wonder if Barry ever figured it out. I got my old IBM Thinkpad back from my brother in law for the purpose of playing with Linux on it. Unfortunately the only network connection I have for it is an old Linksys PCMCIA card. If anyone could give me a step by step how to set this up, I'd appreciate it.

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