Hi ;

I have a netgear WA311T wlan card installed on my FC5 pc with Madwifi driver. I also have a linksys W54GT broadband router with dhcp server enabled. Now the problem is when I try to set a static ip ( on the wlan card with the command "netconfig -d ath0" followed by "service network restart" it sets the static ip which is shown by the ifconfig output. But as I reboot my pc what I find that wlan card always sets the dhcp ip ( [dhcp range is -150]. The strange thing that the ifconfig output shows the ip, but when I see the file etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ath0 , the IPADDR written as I just do service network restart and now the ip set as also showing by ifconfig output. When I reboot my pc
again the ifconfig output sets the dhcp ip as I make the dhcp server down, I see that during reboot the wlan card never set any ip for dhcp failure though it has static ip set and the ifconfig output says that no ip is assigned with wlan card. Why the wlan card always looks for dhcp address? Is it default behavior ? But works for Dlink wifi card.

Pls help me.