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7 inch ARM based HMI - Embest
Embest TH070S1 is a 7 inch HMI kit controlled by Samsung S3C2440A processor with UART, USB Host/Device, Ethernet, SD/MMC and supports for WinCE5.0.
MEMEBER'S VOTE | Category: Hardware | URL | Price: $0.00
DevKit7000 Samsung S5PV210 Evaluation Board - Embest
Embest DevKit7000 development board is a ready-to-run Android 2.3 platform based on the Samsung S5PV210 1GHz ARM cortex-A8 processor.
MEMEBER'S VOTE | Category: Hardware | URL | Price: $0.00
DevKit8500D TI DM3730 Development Board - Embest
Embest DevKit8500D Development board is based on TI DM3730 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor supporting for Linux2.6, Android2.2 and WinCE6.0 OS.
MEMEBER'S VOTE | Category: Hardware | URL | Price: $0.00