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    server hangs if remote logging from sysklogd is enabled


    I cannot find any solution for this strange problem.
    I've sysklogd installed on my Debian Lenny (upgrade from Etch) and I'm using as a remote login server
    for the firewall und spam appliance.

    If this option:
    is enabled in /etc/default/syslogd, then I'm getting remote logins, but the whole server hangs extremely during restart.

    my /etc/syslog.conf:
    auth,authpriv.*			/var/log/auth.log
    *.*;auth,authpriv.none		-/var/log/syslog
    #cron.*				/var/log/cron.log
    daemon.*			-/var/log/daemon.log
    kern.*				-/var/log/kern.log
    lpr.*				-/var/log/lpr.log
    mail.*				-/var/log/mail.log
    user.*				-/var/log/user.log
    # Logging for the mail system.  Split it up so that
    # it is easy to write scripts to parse these files.
    #			-/var/log/
    mail.warn			-/var/log/mail.warn
    mail.err			/var/log/mail.err
    # Logging for INN news system
    news.crit			/var/log/news/news.crit
    news.err			/var/log/news/news.err
    news.notice			-/var/log/news/news.notice
    # Some `catch-all' logfiles.
    	news.none;mail.none	-/var/log/debug
    	mail,news.none		-/var/log/messages
    # Emergencies are sent to everybody logged in.
    *.emerg				*
    # I like to have messages displayed on the console, but only on a virtual
    # console I usually leave idle.
    #	news.=crit;news.=err;news.=notice;\
    #	*.=debug;*.=info;\
    #	*.=notice;*.=warn	/dev/tty8
    # The named pipe /dev/xconsole is for the `xconsole' utility.  To use it,
    # you must invoke `xconsole' with the `-file' option:
    #    $ xconsole -file /dev/xconsole [...]
    # NOTE: adjust the list below, or you'll go crazy if you have a reasonably
    #      busy site..
    	*.=notice;*.=warn	|/dev/xconsole
    local0.*                /var/log/firewall/messages.log
    local7.*                /var/log/spamappliance/messages.log
    If I change in /etc/default/syslogd to:
    then the machine starts very quickly without any problems.

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    The default syslog daemon is not replaced automatically at the upgrade to Lenny.
    sysklogd under Lenny seems to be really buggy.
    I've replaced sysklogd and klogd with rsyslog and now this problem seems to be solved.
    # apt-get install rsyslog 
    # dpkg --purge sysklogd && dpkg --purge klogd
    # update-rc.d -f sysklogd remove 
    # update-rc.d -f klogd remove

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